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Dry dashing is an excellent addition to any home. The main reasons being that it looks great, it is highly durable and its long term low cost. Dry dashing, when prepared and applied correctly, leaves homes never again needing exterior painting or maintenance.

At Dry Dash Dublin we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality results. In order to do so we only use the highest quality materials in all job we undertake. We source from all the leading suppliers in Ireland. The products and materials used by our team are the very best available. High quality materials combined with skilled and experienced application ensure beautiful results that last for years to come.

We offer a variety of colours, pebbles, stone sizes and designs. Dry dashing can be applied to a full wall, a part of a wall or to a partial house or full house. Each project is tailored to the specifications of each client, allowing for a unique and individual finish for all. 

Dry Dash Dublin provides a complete turnkey service. Most jobs can be completed within two days, including preparation, application, finishing and clean up. 

We provide all of our customers with a 20-year guarantee on all work carried out by our professional and experienced team.


To arrange a free Site Survey or to obtain a Free Quote call Dry Dash Dublin today

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