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Dry dashing is an external wall that consists of natural stone or pebbles cast onto a base coat mixture of cement and sand. Dry dashing is also known as pebble dashing.
In dry dashing, the decorative pebbles protrude from a white or colour rendered backdrop creating a sophisticated and unique façade. Dry dashing stones and pebbles are available in a variety of colours, as is the base mixture. Dry dashing is suitable for any home and can be customised to suit your preferred aesthetic. Dry Dash Dublin provides a range of customised mixes to create a particular finish and overall effect.

Dry dashing is a long-lasting and durable wall finishing. It requires little to no maintenance and if applied correctly, should last for years to come. Dry dashing is a very tough wall finishing and holds up well over time and is minimally affected by adverse weather conditions. As such, it is a hugely popular choice for Irish homeowners. At Dry Dash Dublin we offer a 20-year guarantee on all dry dashing work.

Dry dashing is a rendering technique that has been around for years. However, modern advances in equipment and technology, as well as increasingly skilled tradesmen, has greatly improved the overall look and effect of dry dashing. It has also allowed for a faster application process and generated longer-lasting results.


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