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What is the difference between pebble dashing and dry dashing?

Pebble dashing and dry dashing are the exact same thing. Pebble dashing is the term usually used by the general public whereas dry dashing is used by industry professionals.

Dry Dash Dublin

What is the difference between dry dashing and wet dashing?

Dry dashing and wet dashing are very similar methods of external wall rendering. In dry dashing, the cement and sand mixture is applied to the walls and the pebbles are stuck on. With wet dashing, the stones are added to the cement and sand mixture before it is applied to the walls.

Dry Dash Dublin

Does dry dashing require maintenance work?

Usually no. Once dry dashing has been applied there is no need for future upkeep. Dry dashing does not need to be repainted or re-applied. If you dry dashing is extremely old then it may need some touch ups to help reseal the waterproof elements and refresh the colours of the pebbles.

Dry Dash Dublin

How long does dry dashing last?

If applied correctly, dry dashing is hard-wearing and long-lasting, and should last for up to 70 years. At Dry Dash Dublin we offer all of our customers a 20-year guarantee.

Dry Dash Dublin

How long does the application take?

The amount of time for an application depends on each project and home. Most full house application can be completed within two days. This includes all initial prep and clean up after the job is done.

Dry Dash Dublin

Can dry dashing be repaired if it becomes damaged?

Yes. Dry dashing is extremely durable and very rarely becomes damaged. However, in cases of extreme weather conditions or poorly applied dry dashing, Dry Dash Dublin can conduct all necessary repairs.


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